Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Load 'em Up Smashed Potatoes

As I am in the midst of participating in this "10 for 5" Challenge, I tell ya - I have been challenged!  I must clarify that I love a good challenge.  I decided to participate in this event because I thought, as I do with so many things, "Why the heck not?". 

I've always been an advocate of making meals from already written recipes - why try to create something when you don't have to?? There are many, many cookbooks just dying to be used!  I am a big believer in this.

However, this "10 for 5" has opened up a Pandora's box that I didn't know existed within me.  I have started creating on my own - which I have not done in all of my 35-ish years on this Earth, or the 10+ years I have been cooking.  And when I say I have started creating, I am not creating anything extravagant or fancy.  I'm tossing simple ingredients together to come up with an every day dish, hoping that every day moms like myself, will enjoy making and serving them to their every day families, like mine. 

So, my following recipe is basic.  Maybe someone else already thought of it.  But, I had a great time tossing it together.  Mr. Groovy and the kids loved it.  I hope you will, too!

Load 'em Up Smashed Potatoes
created by Kitchen Groovy

4 yukon gold potatoes
5 slices of thick sliced bacon - cooked, crumbled or chopped
1 C of shredded cheddar cheese
1/2 C sour cream
Green Onions

Cut potatoes into cubes, boil until cooked.  Once cooked - mash potatoes with a fork.  If you like a creamier texture, take a hand held mixer and mix them until desired creaminess is acquired. 

Add in remaining ingredients and stir together.  Top with a dollop of sour cream, add green onions for garnish.

Want to see more recipes with just 5 ingredients?  Click here for all the bloggers participating. 

Enjoy and live with gusto!

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