Friday, December 23, 2011

Leftovers: Pasta with Sausage and Sauce

Whenever I make my highly desired Braised Shortribs recipe, I always have so much leftover sauce.  Since the sauce is just too good to waste, I always save the sauce for future recipes.  Here is one recipe that I make with this succulent sauce.

Pasta with Sausage and Leftover Sauce
Original Recipe by Kitchen Groovy

1 box of whole wheat rotini pasta
2 carrots, diced
1 lb. sweet italian sausage, sliced (regular or turkey would work great)
2 1/2 C leftover sauce from Braised Shortribs, hot

Over medium high heat, cook sliced italian sausage on a frying pan until fully cooked.  Set aside on a plate lined with a paper towel to absorb any fat.

Cook pasta according to package directions.  Add diced carrots to the noodles in the boiling water about 1-2 minutes before the noodles are done cooking. 

Drain noodles and carrots.  In large serving bowl, combine pasta, carrots and sausage.  Add in the heated leftover sauce and combine until well mixed.

Chef's Note: feel free to add what you like to this dish - it's leftovers!  I encourage you to add what you like and what you are craving!  Brocolli would be a GREAT addition!  I only added what was left in my refrigerator!  :-)

Delicious!!!  It was so good, the family was begging for me to make more Shortribs, so they can get these leftovers again!  Ha!  WIN-WIN!

Please click here for a printable version of this recipe - Kitchen Groovy

Enjoy and live with gusto!


  1. ok i will have to try your shortrib recipe and then this dish too. my husband loves shortribs so i have to make it!

  2. Yum, pasta always makes great leftovers and I too have to check out your short rib recipe!!

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