Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Tip of the Week: Burger Patty Molds

One of my favorite - among many - shows on Food Network is Guy's Big Bite.  I love his boisterous personality, but he also loves to cook with a range of spices in every day type food that I can serve my family.  I actually keep FN or HGTV on the TV for most of the day as "background noise" and honestly, I do that as it's the two channels that I can count on that will not air anything inappropriate for my 5 year old's impressionable eyes and ears.

Last Friday, as I went about my daily household chores, I watched Guy Fieri make chicken patty burgers and his method of making them is what caught my eye.  After mixing all ingredients in a bowl, he put them into a mold so his hands - or his counter - didn't get dirty.  Genius! 

I decided to try it over the weekend - with huge success!  I don't think it's too early in the year for burgers, right??!!

Here is what I used:

Wooden Spoon (any spoon will do)
Small Round Container (I used a leftover container I purchased Blue Cheese in)
Plastic Wrap

Line your container with plastic wrap.  Leave several inches (roughly 6") as an overlay on both sides.
Scoop burger mix into the container - press down so mix fill empty space in container.
Wrap plastic wrap to cover. 
Take out of container - voila!  You have your burger patty - ready to go!!!

By the way, the chicken patties were delicious - recipe to come later this week!!  Perfect for football watching!

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